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I Shalt Become - Louisiana Voodoo CD (Saadi Saati)


From Echos & Dust:
"I Shalt Become has become sort of infamous and famous in many circles of the black metal genre. They are a band that either you love or hate. Since Mainman S. Holliman formed I Shalt Become, it has been a project that dives deep into the avant-garde of symphonic black metal. I Shalt Become's records are always dark, atmospheric, at times dizzying with noise and ambiance. Some of their first albums were more along the droning progressions of a slow painful hate filled suicide. Now their music has evolved into the marching tune of a hellish ghostly army.
Louisiana Voodoo is styled in that realm, the background music to mayhem. The first track 'Lust' opens with a detuned piano and an encircling hells chorus of strings and human chants. The track is like a crazed Tim Burton movie soundtrack. The description would be like if Danny Elfman went insane on some kind of psychedelics or saw the face of Cthulhu (R'lyeh Wgah'nagl Fhtagn!!). It then opens up to a world of sound, continuing to stray on the demoniac, dark, and depressive.
While I like my black metal more raw, some would appreciate the necro-soundscape that Louisiana Voodoo composes. The album travels from the symphonic, which I Shalt Become is known for, to avant-garde obscure drums, native percussions, detuned and reverberated guitars, vocals coming from the depths of hell, dark keyboard ambience leading to mournful silences. Then continues on with the profound death march until the last track 'The Rats In The Walls' winds to a ghostly voiced silence. I Shalt Become really packs all the kvlt they can into this album.
The first time I listened to this album it was hard to comprehend, but I gave it another shot. More and more it grew on me. Like I said, it's a love or hate with I Shalt Become. The album, I think, is something you have to just appreciate over time. Imagine it not as something you just to casually listen to, bang your head, and call upon the “elder gods”. Really sit and meditate on the tracks. Maybe whilst reading your favorite occult tome, drinking the darkest of stouts, while you watch the world collapse upon itself in chaos. Then you will get the tone that I Shalt Become is going for. I Shalt Become is the bard that beholds the tragedy and Louisiana Vooodoo the blackened woven artwork against this dark apocalyptic scene."