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Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words - No Words LP

$15.00 / On Sale

We are excited to announce our first vinyl release for Cloister Recordings, with a personal favorite of ours. DEAD LETTERS SPELL OUT DEAD WORDS is the pre-TREPANERINGSRITUALEN project of Thomas Martin Ekelund. The miserable and harrowing, yet beautiful soundscapes from Gothenburg, Sweden captures every negative emotion you have ever felt. Desperate and bleak guitar-drones with layers of electronic waves that pulsate to the core of the suicidal heart, this first time on vinyl release will leave you longing for a glimmer of happiness that will never appear.

3 tracks capping at 40 minutes on standard black vinyl, with silkscreened external flap jacket. Expected to ship on or around Valentines Day, Feburary 14th, 2016.