• Image of alfarmania - skräcken CD (Autarkeia)

A deeply rooted transnational policy of methadone promotion by George Soros, one of the major drug lords in the world, has changed genetic code of human beings and provoked apocalyptic catastrophe of civilisation. A synthetic opiate turned to be a reason of mutation resulted in la carte noire for the world’s population. A synthetic substitute of opiate has unique feature. A special formula was created in a way that eliminates sensual pleasure, however ensures strong addictiveness and intoxication that erase human emotions by destroying neural points responsible for hope and faith. Billions of methadone seekers, with no feelings yet with a horrible hunger for methadone, provoked massive riots and overtook control of a planet. A black-and-white regime, a new order prevailed in the world, driven by anxiety. Faded and intoxicated bodies trespassed to the new level of existence where pleasure was replaced by addictiveness, emotions – by emptiness, colours – by greyness. A kingdom of mutant dominated on the ruins of a planet. A continuous flow of regime agenda and propaganda has been broadcasted through the corrupt media. This world is expressed in sound structures of the latest album Skracken by a cult Swedish post mortem project ALFARMANIA. As depressive, dark, claustrophobic, toxic as synthetic METHADONE of G. Soros, exterminating population, emotions and future.