Bacillus - I Hope You Get Better Soon But You Probably Won't CD (Chondritic Sound)

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Another re-emergence on Chondritic Sound, 17 years after we initially worked together. And what could be more fitting times for the first CD outbreak by Bacillus, a suprisingly resilient strain of noise which has been around since 1993. It is noise on this disc, in the truest sense: made from glue records, found and degraded tapes, destroyed mixer and broken electronics. Whatever is in its radius helps spread the infection though stereosonic harsh noise with jumps, cuts, blasted passages and a truly unique dynamic.

Through the lens of hiss and rot, Bacillus foretells of a time when antibiotics stop working, when the swelling won't stop, when common infections become fatal again. I hope you get better soon, but you probably won't.

Direct purchasers of this CD from Chondritic Sound will be contacted in the future regarding a supplemental cassette in special packaging, audio dating back to 2003 and recently discovered.

Mastered by Grant Richardson.
Edition of 200 copies in 6-panel digipak, design by Bacillus.