Bad Sector - Ampos Expanded 25th Anniversary Edition 2xLP (OEC)


This was the first full-length album released by Masimo Magrini as BAD SECTOR in 1995 as a CD on STAALPLAT.
For the 25th anniversary of that album we are proud to go for the re-release into vinyl format of such a masterpiece.
Including some bonus material of the same era.

This album became an Instant-CULT immediately after its release and still truly is a masterpiece of Dark-Ambient Industrial!
An album without age somehow reminding to best Psychadelic and German Space-Muzak but with his own and very tipical and inconfondible Bad Sector aproach and trade-mark.

To the original recordings we added as bonus on 4th LP side 4 additional tracks from the CDr album "Transponder" released as a CDr on BLADE RECORDS.