BLOOD OV THEE CHRIST - master control - CD (Segerhuva)


"Master Control was meant to hurt, and it did. It still does. Now 20 years later it comes across as a work of true and deeply original vision. Even better than the first time. Obviously it takes its departure from the Iphar/Whitehouse/Broken Flag-tradition, but rapidly takes a weird turn and ends up somewhere else; at the very edge of a completely unknown territory. The unspeakable mad landscapes of HP Lovecraft seems to be one point of reference, snuffmovies by Brazilian deathsquads another. And plenty of attitude in between. Sure, it's the work of a mad man, but it's also the work of a stunningly apocalyptic genius; it will likely blow your mind as it did mine. This is extremely powerful stuff. I never quite recovered from this one." - from the liner notes by Tommy Olsson. Most people tend to want to forget, we don't. That is why we have chosen to re-release this killer tape. Master Control was originally released as an ultra-obscure tape back in 1988, and listening to it now, it is clear that it has stood the test of time, and sounds just as raw, visceral and bloodthirsty as it did back then. We are not re-releasing this because someone involved got famous doing folk music years later, no we do it simply because we think it deserves to be more than a rumour at the outer fringes of lunatic Norrland. This is how we remember music from when we were kids -- dark, obsessive, and frightening as hell. Master Control contains the original c-60 plus a 10 minute bonus track recorded in 1988.