BLOODYMINDED - Live: Street Level at VG Kids/Live: Behind the Green Door CD (BloodLust!)


Enhanced CD-single

"Live: Street Level at VG Kids" (Quicktime Video, approx. 25 min.)
"Live: Behind the Green Door" (CD Audio, approx. 19 min.)

This CD is an enhanced re-release of the limited edition 3-inch CD-R split-release with Chondritic Sound, from 2005, with a bonus full-show video. The video was recorded in Ypsilanti, MI, on October 15, 2004 - the infamous "office hallway" show - and
the audio was recorded in Detroit, MI, on October 16, 2004. Professionally replicated CD; packaged in a full-color cardboard sleeve - similar to the "Mothercare" single; Released in 2006