Dominion Of Flesh: 10 Years Of Cloister Recordings Stockholm August 2024

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Klubb Död presents Dominion of Flesh - 10 Years of Cloister Recordings.

Pre-party at Patricia Nightclub Thursday 29 August 2024.
Main event at Nalen Klubb Friday-Saturday 30-31 August 2024.

For three nights, prepare to be embraced by frequencies and journey into the depths of the human psyche as we celebrate Cloister Recordings' tenth anniversary. For the past ten years, Cloister Recordings has been pushing the boundaries of the post-industrial underground. With its base in the USA, but with its spiritual home in Sweden, Cloister Recordings has released a large number of Swedish artists. Cloister Recording's mini-festival Dominion of Flesh took place for the first time in Stockholm in 2019 to mark the fifth anniversary of the label's birth. DoF 1 was followed by a subsequent gathering in New York in 2022. This ten-year celebration brings together an uncompromising lineup of Cloister Recordings artists and select favorites:

African Imperial Wizard (AO) – The highly anticipated debut performance from this enigmatic act from Angola. Formed in 2019, African Imperial Wizard mixes field recordings with violent, powerful beats with a martial industrial touch. Not to be missed!

Alfarmania + Proiekt Hat (SE) – Since the mid-2000s, this collaboration between two of Sweden's most respected post-mortem veterans has been a sought-after delicacy to taste. The last appearance was probably in 2017… Prepare for a total auditory hallucination.

Anenzephalia (DE) – THIS IS WHERE THE DREAM DIES! Anenzephalia from Germany is an icon in the Heavy Electronics genre since the early 90s. With a career spanning decades and 19 releases – most of them released on classic label Tesco Organisation – Anenzephalia are somewhat legendary and their live performances second to none.

Beckahesten (SE) – Since Beckahesten was formed in 2019, they have received a lot of attention with their mix of Nordic ritual ambient, industrial and folk music. With this rare appearance, they will cast a somber glow over our dying world.

Blitzkrieg Baby (NO/SE/NL) – Kim Sølve brings the dystopian misfits back to Stockholm with their first performance since the first Dominion Of Flesh in 2019. Since forming in 2011, Blitzkrieg Baby has developed into a full band and finally presents again its cynical pop industry .

Control (US) – 1999 saw the first self-titled release from American Power Electronics nihilist Thomas Garrison. He has since become a unifying force in the worldwide underground industrial community. His cancer diagnosis in 2021 has severely limited the number of live performances, but he has still distinguished himself with 4 new albums during these plague years. This will be his first appearance on Swedish soil.

Ex.Order (DE) – Ex.Order was formed in 1992 by René Lehman and he was later joined by Inade collaborator Knut Enderlein in 1998. Ex.Order has achieved cult status within the German Power Elctronics scene. With releases, mainly released on Loki Foundation's Power & Steel sub-label, they deliver a sonic assault on a failed civilization. With very few live performances behind him in recent years, this will be welcomed with open arms by all of us.

Inade (DE) – Since 1991, Inade has been delivering German Dark Ambient of the finest kind. Over a constantly evolving period of 30 years, they have created and built their own sonic mythology. Now the duo, who are also behind the legendary record label Loki Foundation, are coming to Stockholm and let us wander with them into their sounding depths.

Lille Roger (SE) – Lille Roger is the predecessor of Brighter Death Now and was founded in 1984 by Roger Karmanik, a person whose contribution to the Swedish industrial music scene is unparalleled. After the booker witnessed Lille Roger's return in Dresden last year, it was simply considered mandatory to bring the Head of the Family here for an appearance in Stockholm as well.

The Trepaneringsritualen (DE/NL) – Thomas Martin Ekelund, originally from Gothenburg, started the Trepaneringsritualen in 2008, which has now become one of the leading acts within the post-industrial scene. Now together with the Dutch multi-instrumentalist Peter Johan Nijland on stage, T x R x P delivers intense, dark and heavy Death Industrial that makes the audience sway.

The pre-party:

Detonation Day (US) – James Light has been a multi-faceted powerhouse in the US industrial scene since 2016 with his projects Agonal Lust and Wounded Son and with his cassette labels Packing Plant & Finders. This will be Sweden's introduction to Detonation Day and its swelling heavy electronic music.

Ochu (SE) – Since the beginning of the 2000s, Love Rosenström with Ochu has mixed organic and manipulated field recordings with noise & a musique concrète without being able to be compared to anyone but himself. As one of the former label heads of the mighty label Segerhuva, and current label Verlautbarung, his contribution to a vibrant underground has not gone unnoticed.

Survival Unit (SE) - Survival Unit has long been a notorious group of madmen fronted by Kristian Olsson (Alfarmaina/Styggelse and more, and more...) Survival Unit's deeds span almost 25 years. Count on uncompromising Power Electronics that often express themselves in violent and chaotic live sets.

Treriksröset (SE) – For almost 30 years, Tommy Carlsson has been the king of Swedish Harsh Noise. There is not much more to say about that matter.

XAL (UK) – Taking a step away from heavy PE that Tamon Miyakitas through Am Not is known for, this new project explores film scores, dystopian electronic compositions and rhythmic industry.

Tickets purchased for Dominion of Flesh – 10 Years of Cloister Recording at Nalen Klubb include admission to the pre-party at Patricia Nightclub. ATTENTION! There will NOT be separate tickets sold for the pre-party. Secure your tickets to the main event now!