Gyna Bootleg & LVMMVX - Wretched CD (Annihilvs)


Josh Yelle (KINTAAN, DHIM) has been working solo as LVVMVX for roughly five years now. LVMMVX constructs opaque walls of sound and capacious reverberations, generating impenetrable drones and sonorous percussion with an arsenal consisting of cello, voice, and effects.

GYNA BOOTLEG, vocalist for garbage rock act TINSEL TEETH, deviant black metal band SIRE, and mutant post-death freaks IN HEAT, among a bevy of other collaborators, is the ultimate modern provocateur, sliding sluglike across the edge between art and pornography, insolence and degeneracy.
Together, these purveyors of obscure audio art have manifested an inchoate mass of nauseating black space, where the human soul wriggles in horror upon a bed of maggots.