From AH:
Wesieni Wainajat by Halo Manash is once again available. The 2nd edition of the album is almost identical to the 1st pressing; minor changes were made to the insert cards and the front cover silk-screen print. The outer cover in this edition follows the same format as our recent Sublunar releases.

Halo Manash has been working for the past three years in solid-shadows and un-lights to reach the posture of Mercurial Aqua-Aurorae. ‘Wesieni Wainajat’ presents a natural continuation for the group’s past Forest Music phase and their previous ‘Taiwaskivi’ album, in which the cresent-drop was just about to descent in the bottom of the sublunar-cup.

'Wesieni Wainajat' consists of three, long and brooding, repetitive trance-drone tracks interweaving various analog drone sources with elemental field-recordings. Each track serves as a vehicle in passing the threshold of consciousness and triggering the subliminal realms of hallucination and shape-shifting. As a whole the album is an evocative lunar-hymn reaching out toward one’s Mercurial Empire – and the One who is moist.

The album is enclosed inside silk-screen printed cardboard covers including three photo prints and a textual insert. Total running time: 39:11. Limited to 500 copies.