Le Syndicat Faction Vivante ‎- Interaction Social LP (Aussaat)


From Freak Animal:
This is probably even better than "Morceaux de choix". Maybe it is the small saturation and analogue touch of LP format what gives material good finishing touch. Also, both sides are live shows. One is live in Brellfest (france) and other is HY! Festival (denmark). Sound quality is similar to studio works. Home made noise generators, microphone, digital interfaces and microphone. Cover says "edited and mixed by Ruelgo", so I'm not entirely sure if this was pure as-it-was live show or rather edited live shows. Whatever it is, succeeds. Extremely rich textures of all sorts of noisy electronic sounds, magled and processed. Some of the kaoz-pad esque sweeps, what I do not dislike when source material is somewhat inspiring.

As I have said before, one can't expect the raw and dark wibes of 80's Le Syndicat from this project, but Le Syndicat Faction Vivante created totally different kind of colorful and free flowing improvised sound collages that I genuinely like. So even if you usually hesitate "digital interfaces" or "warm electronic sound improvisations", I'd recommend to check out.