• Image of THE CRAY TWINS - THE PIER CD (Fang Bomb)

The Cray Twins are Paul Baran and Gordon Kennedy.

“The Pier” is the name they have given to their introspective, desolate debut album, conceived in collaboration with an impressive range of musicians including Ken Vandermark, Jos Smolders, Lucio Capece and BJ Nilsen.

The Cray Twins are fascinated by how audio systems, electronic and acoustic, are like human systems, and have set out to find the borders areas on this album, regions where things are no longer the same, where sound or the perception of it changes or breaks down. It’s a collaboration with irregularity, in order to find the edge.

This is also where the image of the The Pier comes from; the pier as the limit of human extent, our furthest outreach onto the depths, after witch the space opens up to the unknown, the unheard.