Argiope - Death Ovary Traces CD (Tribe Tapes)


Reissue of Argiope’s debut cassette, released by Slaughter Productions in 1994 following a small run on the artist’s own Atom Institute label. Argiope project was born after Marco Corbelli proposed that Federico De Caroli / Deca record a release for Slaughter.

While Deca’s albums were still quite industrial, dark music, he felt that Marco deserved a much more extreme production than anything Deca recorded up to that point. The result was Argiope's debut release Death Ovary Traces, a work of depraved musique concrète. Prepared vinyl and tapes, field recordings, and raw vocal sounds were fed through a special digital distortion process, fragmenting religious hymns and classical pieces into obscure non-music.

CD is packaged in an A5-sized digipack paying homage to the original Slaughter Productions release.

Remastered by Grant Richardson at Hex Audio Labs
Scans of original artwork provided by Marcus LaBonté