Asche - The Easter Island Phenomenon CD (Ant-Zen)


"the history of easter island is not one of lost civilizations and esoteric knowledge. rather it is a striking example of the dependence of human societies on their environment and of the consequences of irreversibly damaging that environment."
(excerpt from en.wikipedia.org/wiki/easter_island)

"...the fate of easter island has wider implications too. like easter island the earth has only limited resources to support human society and all its demands. like the islanders, the human population of the earth has no practical means of escape. how has the environment of the world shaped human history and how have people shaped and altered the world in which they live? have other societies fallen into the same trap as the islanders? for the last two million years humans have succeeded in obtaining more food and extracting more resources on which to sustain increasing numbers of people and increasingly complex and technologically advanced societies. but have they been any more successful than the islanders in finding a way of life that does not fatally deplete the resources that are available to them and irreversibly damage their life support system?..." (clive ponting: "the lessons of easter island")

the easter island phenomenon can be compared to the symptom of a disease that has existed since the beginning of mankind. as an artist that is not isolated from contemporary world history, ache has titled his third ant-zen full length album this phenomenon. anger, fear and anxiety are brilliantly converted into 11 powerful compositions that range from pounding rhythm industrial anthems to menacing dark ambient soundscapes - a threatening journey between distorted disco and noise brutality. besides the album tracks, 7 like minded artists re-construct ashes' message via exciting remixes (which have been added onto the cd in mp3 format). all of the remix artists, except for dj intoner, have already been released on asche's own label (fich-art). this is a fantastic and long awaited album for open minded listeners.

"the easter island story is a story for our times. we too are on an island floating on an endless sea. there are differences, of course. it could be said that easter island is tiny and that it was only a matter of time before the resources in such a closed system were used up. but there are parallels between the islanders' attitude towards their environment and our own, and this is the most frightening part of the story. .."
(excerpt from 'the story of easter island')