Auschwitz - Live 81/87-93 (Advaita)


We are releasing a cassette of 87 minutes of previously unreleased live recordings by Auschwitz. The great band formed by the godfather of the Kansai Underground Naoto Hayashi, has marked 20 years since his passed away.

Side A: Live 81 consists of all unreleased tracks recorded from an exceptional live performance on the unknown date in 1981 and FRIGHT 7 DAYS in August of the same year. The early Auschwitz music is mostly unheard of until now, despite the buzz about impromptu performances featuring free-form guitar intertwined over repetitive beats like German rock, and it finally appears in the spotlight. This showcases that Auschwitz delivered an extremely cutting-edge live performance, similar to the post-punk style that flourished in Europe and the United States during the same period. Some tracks feature vocals by bassist Imanishi and drummer Nakajima and a glimpse of Hayashi’s side as a guitarist. It is a valuable testament to how Auschwitz was born through the chemistry of the musical expertise of these three artists.

Side B: Live 87-93 is a compilation of Auschwitz’s last live performance in Tokyo in 1993, a live performance at EGGPLANT in April 1987 just before the recording of their masterpiece “Rule of Spirit,” and a high-quality live performance from an unknown date, most likely around 1990. Starting with the far too beautiful “Journey Through the Night” in their last live performance, it mainly features songs and versions unavailable on previous live recordings, including the unreleased masterpiece “Ashes of Love” mentioned in the liner notes. Finally, it concludes with the latest track, “No Titled,” which was accessible to listen to Naoto Hayashi’s solo version on the Auschwitz Complete Box.