Calitys - Songs of Unearthly Longing CD (Cyclic Law)


Calitys is a collaboration between the Sardinian duo Mara Lasi & Daniele Serra, previously Chirleison and Medusa's Spell, and Lithuanian sound artist Daina Dieva.

United by a mutual respect and common interests, in 2021 they started an epistolary exchange of ideas, texts, sounds and voice recordings. These exchanges culminated in the album "Songs of Unearthly Longing". Dialogical creative practices of the three authors, coupled with a profound curiosity in the natural world and beyond, became a journey through somber pluriverses.

On sound structures that are formed by an elegant dance of guitars (Daniele) and piano (Mara), ethereal voices (Daina) weaves a world animated by intense and lemotional exchanges between human and non-human beings. The dialogue extends not only between entities and worlds but also between different modes of being. Field-recordings add to the voyage between these different modes in conveying a more grounded and nearly tangible terrain before the reaching surreal territories.

The name of the band, Calitys, is borrowed from a beetle, Calitys scabra. This tiny beetle inhabits old spruce, fir and pine, in its larval stage feeds on mushrooms. The exoskeleton of adult individuals looks like tree bark covered with lichen, making them nearly invisible. Calitys is quickly losing its habitat due to human activities of deforestation. As most insect species, this too is faced with the threat of extinction in the near future of disastrous climate.

The album was mixed by Simon Balestrazzi (TAC, Kirlian Camera, Dream Weapon Ritual).