Conjecture - Nostalgia Futura CD (Cyclic Law)


"Nostalgia Futura" is an exploration of the rare psychological and neurological phenomenon known as Anticipatory Nostalgia. While nostalgia is a widely recognized and socially significant emotional experience, Anticipatory Nostalgia is a feeling of longing for something that has yet to occur or may not exist at all. Through the use of digital and analog synthesizers in midi polychain, reel-to-reel recording, and IR reverbs, this album delves into the psychological implications of Anticipatory Nostalgia, particularly in relation to future-oriented benefits, affects, and social cognition. The album aims to appeal to those who seek a sense of nostalgia for the future, particularly those who are drawn to the idea of experiencing non-existent urban and rural landscapes that reflect the aesthetics and chronology of the future. In essence, "Nostalgia Futura" is a sound manifesto on the psychology of visionaries, and a demonstration that existence transcends the constraints of time and space, extending into the infinite cosmos and the depths of the human psyche.

Conjecture is an experimental post-industrial project helmed by the Greek Avant-Garde visual artist Vasilis Angelopoulos. Initiated in 2013, Conjecture's sonic output embodies an artistic vision that vacillates between disparate genres, concepts and moods. Angelopoulos employs primarily hardware synthesizers, metal sheets, piezo microphones, DIY impulse responses "collected" from abandoned buildings, and tape-manipulation techniques to conjure an immersive, cerebral and often haunting sound that probes themes such as human existence, religious folklore stereotypes, and transcendence through archetypal rituals, body deconstruction, human subtraction, and murder.