• Image of Trepaneringsritualen - Kainskult CD (Tesco)

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»Fratricide! Fratricide! Fratricide!«

On Kainskult — the follow-up proper to 2014’s much-praised Perfection & Permanence — we find Trepaneringsritualen at its most visceral; utterly devastating in its feral ferocity, and utterly demented in its elemental ecstasy. Kainskult will undoubtedly stand as a cornerstone album both in the T × R × P canon and in the industrial scene at large. In their animalistic frenzy and emotional intensity, these nine songs immediately envelop the listener and threaten or promise to drive you to the brink of madness.

Kainskult keeps all the basic building blocks of Perfection & Permanence: the tribal drumming, the atavistic propulsion, the clattering metal percussion, and the abysmal growls. But somehow it reaches a new level of intensity, both sonically and lyrically. The latter read like a hallucinatory celebration of Kain, the Original Heresiarch. He is cast in the role of archetypal transgressor; the brother to all who wage war against the tyranny of Yaldabaoth. He raises the stone above His head, and with one willful strike slays His brother, the cowering slave. Through this one action, He draws the Mark upon his skin and sets in motion a series of events that will ultimately lead to the dissolution of the created worlds.

»Ravage Me! Death & Ecstasy«