Common Eider, King Eider - Yearn CS (breathsunboneblood)


Common Eider King Eider return to Cyclic Law with their 13th full length album entitled, Yearn. Since 2012, A.C. and B.S.s. have been crafting a unique aesthetic vision around modern composition, dark ambient, and black metal using voice, viola, percussion, and organic objects such as bone and antler to create a sonic world drenched in animism and project mythology. Yearn follows suit with five extended arrangements for viola, percussion, and voice. The pieces slowly unfold as if remembering a dream… Fragments move in and out of focus, light and darkness considered equals in the creation of this landscape. Concealment and revelation. Hope and hopelessness. Decay and birth.

With sonic visitations by Treha Sektori, and Lars Ennsen (Ultha, Unru, Sun Worship). Vocal invocations by EDIE.