Deutsch Nepal - Vintage Musikk from Deutsch Nepal CD (Entartete)


This album contain Vintage Musikk from Deutsch Nepal. It's a documentation of mainly improvised recordingsessions and a recollection of material recorded and released in the mid 90s. Consequently the music you will hear is industrial isolationistic, repetetive drones, ambient tunes and experiments that might influence not only your mood but your psyche aswell in an irrevocable way.

Featured releases are:
- ”The Very Top of Lina Baby Doll” 12" released by NoiseMuseum 1996.
- ”Environment” 7" released by Ant-Zen 1997.
- Material from the 2/3-compilation released by Hands Production 1996 and + two additional tracks from the same era.

This is Deutsch Nepal for the harcore fans, the conaisseurs of Deutsch Nepal that failed to collect the original releases and want the full story.